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Why be specific?


Why be specific?
What’s so different with these Chiropractors in Meridian, Idaho?

That’s a great question.

This is a common topic of discussion within our own profession as well as something that we talk about with our patients. An unfortunate reality within our profession, that really starts at the Chiropractic college level, is that many of these institutions are teaching that the adjustment is just another treatment to be performed in the mix of therapies, supplements, and other modalities that a doctor can offer their patient.

This couldn’t be further from the TRUTH!

The basis of Chiropractic revolves around the FACT that the brain and nervous system reign supreme when it comes to one’s normal healthy ability to function.  This is due to HOW the body works.  The brain sends energy down the spinal cord, out through the spinal nerve roots and these nerve roots divide and subdivide until these nerves eventually attach to every single cell, tissue, organ and gland throughout the body. Misalignments of the spine, called SUBLUXATIONS create dysfunction and a break down of one’s health, by irritating one or more of these delicate nerve roots.

Here’s where the Gonstead Method of Chiropractic comes along.

Dr. Gonstead was an earlier innovator in our profession.  He graduated Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1923, and was determined to figure out a more precise, predictable, and reproducible method of FINDING and FIXING these subluxations. The Gonstead Method is known to be the most SPECIFIC full-spine system for detecting and correcting subluxations.

Dr. Gonstead figured out that when a spinal bone misaligns, the major structure that is affected, is the disc.  He developed a patient examination procedure that uses several criteria to find the exact level of subluxation, as well as a scientific full spine x-ray interpretation and analysis method to put these pieces together to manage the most difficult of cases.  In addition to the in-depth spinal analysis, he also developed the most mechanically correct spinal adjusting technique, as it pertained to correcting the health and alignment of the disc.

The most challenging part of our role as a Gonstead Chiropractor isn’t the specific adjustment (although that was VERY difficult to learn), but rather the know-how and ability to discern exactly where the problem is coming from; what part of the spine is affected, what nerve is irritated, and what disc is responsible for this disorder. The hard part- what makes this so DIFFERENT and so EFFECTIVE, is figuring out what segment that needs to be adjusted, how to adjust, when to adjust it… And when to LEAVE IT ALONE!

Schedule your own specific spinal work-up, for you and your loved ones, we look forward to meeting you and improving your life!

Dr. Gonstead was known throughout the ages to be the “Chiropractor’s Chiropractor”, as not only were the ‘unsolvable’ patient cases traveling from around the world to be seen in his prestigious clinic, also the Chiropractors themselves would seek out Dr. Gonstead’s expertise to solve their problems where all others had failed.

“Chiropractic is a science just so far as it is specific.”

-DD Palmer, founder of Chiropractic

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