What this Health & Fitness Guru realized he didn't know...

CJ traveled out to Meridian, Idaho to satisfy his curiosity in learning about the Gonstead Difference. Watch as he shares his journey, describing the step by step workup, and what he experienced in his 3 day visit.

Drove 2 hours for RESULTS

Very successful in correcting disc injuries, low back pain, neck pain, spinal injuries. We serve the community of: Boise, Nampa, Caldwell, Meridian, Eagle, Star, Emmett, Kuna, Ontario, Baker, and many more!

Shirley Chooses Gonstead

Listen to Shirley, she has seen dozens of Chiropractors throughout her life, hear what she has to say about the Gonstead Method.

Severe Vertigo corrected with Gonstead Adjustment

Vertigo is a debilitating condition that makes the individual feel like the room is spinning. Oftentimes it is caused by irritation to a nerve in the upper neck. This commonly occurs when a bone is misaligned in the upper spine, this is called a subluxation. A skilled Gonstead Doctor is trained to detect and correct these subluxations.

Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sjogren's Disease, Fibromylagia

Carolyn shares her story of how she tried everything she thought possible, until she went through Specific Gonstead Chiropractic care. The results speak for themselves; this unique and different approach changed her life!

Neurologist for Headaches

This young woman (16 years old) had been suffering from SEVERE headaches for over a year. She had been taking a variety of drugs that were prescribed by her Neurologist, in an attempt to cover up this symptom.

10 Years of Suffering; Gone in days!

This man began having crippling lower back pain over ten years ago. He found himself stuck in a bent forward posture. Standard medical treatment and physical therapy provided him little to no relief, once we removed the CAUSE of the problem, the RESULTS have been dramatic!

One SPECIFIC Adjustment- See what happens next...

This woman came in with an acute crisis. She had tearing muscle pain in her pelvis and hips moving into her leg. Pressure was removed from the nerve with ONE SPECIFIC Gonstead Adjustment, the RESULTS were immediate!

Less Than 2 Weeks of This and See What Happens

This woman has been suffering from incapacitating migraine headaches since she was a teenager! Following two weeks of SPECIFIC Gonstead care, her headaches have reduced and she is reducing her medication!

Difficulty breathing Crippling pain

This woman was seen during an extreme crisis. She woke up and couldn’t lower her arm without incapacitating shoulder pain and difficulty breathing. She almost couldn’t even stand for the x-ray analysis portion of her examination! Watch what happens after the CAUSE is corrected!

One-size-fits-all chiropractic wasn't helping.

This man suffered from neck pain and tennis elbow for over a year. He had seen what he describes as “one-size-fits-all” Chiropractic, and he wasn’t seeing any results. After two SPECIFIC Gonstead adjustments, he was amazed at the RESULTS!!!

Gonstead Chiropractic Changed My Life

This young man explains how he met Dr. Todd Pickman was initially very skeptical. He discusses how he and his family’s lives have been changed.

Emergency Medical Personel share their life-changing experience.

This young couple work in the medical field. Listen to how they view the Gonstead Method of Chiropractic!

Jackson’s MMA Clay Guida Explains Gonstead Chiropractic

World-famous Mixed Martial Arts fighter, Clay Guida, discusses how Dr. Todd Pickman helped him and his team perform at their best.

Double Vision of 40 Years gone after 3 Gonstead Adjustments

This man was referred to see Dr. Pickman for neck pain and his posture problems, by a Medical Doctor that was familiar with the Gonstead Method. It was discovered that this patient had been living with double vision for the past 40 years following a traumatic brain injury. Listen to his miraculous story!

'Thanks, Doc!' - World Famous Mixed Martial Arts Fighter, Clay 'The Carpenter' Guida

“Dr. Todd Pickman has raised the bar in complete chiropractic care. He applies unique and effective techniques, to cater to each patient.

Being a professional athlete for almost a decade… Dr. Todd has worked on myself, and numerous teammates, and we’ve all seen immediate results.
Whether it be from regularly scheduled Gonstead check-ups and adjustments, to better sleeping habits, or applying traction techniques to help correct my spine, these techniques have been extremely useful in making a huge improvement in my professional career, and daily life. Thanks Doctor Todd!”

Sincerely, Clay ‘The Carpenter’ Guida

'I proved my doctors wrong!'

Not even one month after I finished my treatment with Gonstead Chiropractic (and Corrective Care) I became pregnant, without medical intervention, with a healthy, beautiful baby girl.

Her name is Miko Lucy Masuoka and was born on September 21, 2013 weighing 5lbs 15oz. I thank Dr. Pickman and the people at Gonstead every day for not only the gift of my amazing daughter but by having a hand in bringing her into this world without invasive medical procedures and loading my body with harmful chemicals! I am a firm believer in the Gonstead Method and will continue to frequent Gonstead Chiropractors in the future.

-Kiyoko M.

'Fighting Fibromyalgia'

In a matter of 4 months, I am a changed woman. Every day, there is one more thing that I can add to my list of things that I couldn’t do when I was sick. When I check in with Dr. Todd, I say things like “I just rode a bike for the first time in 7 years” and “I’m sore because I danced too much at school today”. Yes, I see his point when he says that it’s me doing the work. I go three times a week for specific chiropractic, traction, exercises, and work out sessions.

However, there are no words to express my gratitude to Dr. Todd Pickman for giving me a chance to live my life again.

-Carolyn B.

'Cervical Stenosis Miracle'

My first visit was nothing short of miraculous! I had been in pain for 18 months and felt immediate relief after the first treatment. After the 3rd treatment my pain level had gone from a 4-5 (on a 1-10 pain scale) to a zero!

Dr. Todd has been excellent to explain what was causing the issue and then how we would move forward to reverse the condition that was causing the pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Todd to anyone that is experiencing pain or has been diagnosed with Cervical or Spinal Stenosis.

-Ron S.

'Now, I feel as though I am back at an earlier age. I am 74 but I feel years younger.'