Seriously! Get them OUT!

Like it or not OUR bodies are exposed to toxins! Whether it comes from food, cleaning supplies, your home or even SUGAR… Over time these exposures add up and damage organs and tissues in our body.

Detoxifying your body can be done in many ways!

If you eat clean, nutrient dense, organic food – detoxifying daily can be accomplished by adding cleansing vegetables like beets. If you’re eating the right foods, avoiding the wrong food and taking quality supplements, you’ve already got great habits! Keep it up!!

There are MANY de-toxification “kits” in stores and online – It’s hard to know what REALLY works. At Gonstead Spine & Wellness, we offer quality detox kits that are six-days or 21 days. With a functional medicine assessment, we can help you determine what is best for your body’s needs.

REMEMBER, clean eating and quality supplements = Less toxins in your body!

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