Pregnant? How’s your Vitamin D level?

So, you’ve heard Vitamin D is important. Science is proving everyday how vital adequate levels of this hormone are.


Vitamin D deficiency is epidemic around the world. It’s been estimated that if Vitamin D levels were raised among the general population, it could prevent chronic diseases that claim nearly a million lives throughout the world each year.


Raising vitamin D levels among pregnant women is proving to be of concern, as insufficiency effects both the mother AND the developing child.


A two-year-long community project implemented at the Medical University of South Carolina confirms 40 to 60% of preterm births are prevented by raising pregnant women’s vitamin D to a level of 40 ng/mL. Vitamin D optimization also reduces the mother’s risk of preeclampsia, gestational diabetes and prenatal infections by approximately 50%.


Children born of vitamin D deficient mothers have HIGHER RISK of allergies and asthma, colds and flu, dental cavities, diabetes, autism in addition to a higher risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease in later life.


For more information on this topic and the grassroots organization Protect Our Children NOW! click HERE!


Reference: Dr. Mercola. Successful Vitamin D Project Aims to Change Standard of Care for Pregnant Women Across US. July 31, 2017

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