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MoveWell™ in the Workplace - Joint. Muscle. Brain.

gonstead spin wellness gsw movewell workplace boise meridian idaho killer 3Learn how to self – screen and correct your movement!

The MoveWell™ in the Workplace is meant to be a basic overview to help explain how to assess and correct movement patterns in the absence of any major muscle tissue abnormality, joint misalignments (spine and extremities) and assuming normal spinal curvature.

(DISCLAIMER: The information provided is not medical advice and does not replace any professional or medical advice. Please refer to your physician for details before doing any exercise provided within this program.)

The goal of this program: To improve productivity of Meridian, Boise and Nampa employers and employees by reducing work-related injuries and boosting overall health through spine care, posture and mobility education.

Big benefits include not only physical and mental guidance for the employees, but also large savings on health and injury related costs (problems like carpal tunnel, sciatica, migraine headache and lower back pain) for the business. The training is based on learning how the Killer 3: sitting, standing and lifting, can negatively affect employees and how proper techniques can improve overall health and well-being.

The exciting new “MoveWell™ in the Workplace” program is the latest of many community outreach initiatives offered by the Meridian based chiropractic team at Gonstead Spine & Wellness. With an overall goal to improve the health of Idaho, the team commits to 100 hours of community service each year to the Treasure Valley area (Boise, Meridian and Nampa). Educating business owners and employees with these valuable health tips is a powerful way to reach their goal!

MoveWell™ in the Workplace is one branch of the MoveWell™ Lifestyle, a movement created by Gonstead Spine & Wellness clinic director and practicing chiropractor, Dr. Todd S. Pickman, DC, for anyone ranging from chiropractors, medical and fitness professionals to the general population. It focuses on helpful methods to improve health, stamina, injury recovery, decrease fatigue, lower the risk of workplace injuries and reduce painful, long-term, expensive recoveries, by learning and understanding the power of using movement.

For a limited time, to promote the MoveWell™ in the Workplace portion of the MoveWell™ Lifestyle, the professional team at Gonstead Spine & Wellness is now offering Free Educational Workshops and Free Lunch to qualified businesses, as a way of introducing these methods in the workplace (For qualification, visit https://movewellidaho.com/lunch for details). This is a win-win for any and all businesses, especially if the end result is happy, healthy and highly productive employees! For employers who are sensitive about additional costs from employee downtime, the workshop can be scheduled during the lunch hour to minimize the impact.

Be More Active - Enjoy Your Life - Eliminate Pain

Visit the MoveWell™ in the Workplace website.