Move Like a Baby?!

In addition to PRECISE corrective adjustments and corrective traction – The third concept that ties everything together & maintains the work you’ve put in to your body is functional movement.

Simply put, you need to move like a baby!!! Well, what does THAT mean?

Functional movement is your body moving the way it was MADE to move. Functional movement exercises retrain your body movements; helping to prevent injury and premature wearing down of joints. In retraining your body movement, all aspects of your care come together providing RESULTS.

So, what does “move like a baby” mean? As parents, we watch our little ones figure out rolling over, crawling, etc. This process that occurs are vital primitive developmental patterns that need to occur for neurological development.

Studies are now showing this neurological development, regarding functional movement exercise, is beneficial to adults as well! Your brain IS capable of being “retrained” to move properly.

Your spinal health, posture and central nervous system is the KEY to a strong, healthy body.

You’ll be amazed at what your body is capable of!

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