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Meet Your Chiropractors and Team at Gonstead Spine & Wellness in Meridian, Idaho.

The Chiropractors

Dr. Todd Pickman, DC

Gonstead Chiropractor / Clinic Director

Dr. Todd grew up in Southern California, where he completed his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Cleveland Chiropractic College, Los Angeles in 2003. He practiced in Albuquerque New Mexico at Gonstead Chiropractic from 2003- 2012, where he quickly built one of the largest corrective care practices in New Mexico.

Dr. Zach Reidinger, DC

Gonstead Chiropractor

Dr. Zach completed his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree at Parker University in Dallas, Texas. He’s earned over 200 hours of Gonstead clinical studies, technique, and X-ray analysis. He’s also received an Advanced certification from the International Board of Extremity Chiropractors. In his spare time, he’s an avid athlete who loves to train and exercise daily, and lives with his wife and two daughters.

The Team

dani gonstead spine and wellness staff-324px

Dani Oberg

Office Manager

Dani was born and raised in Southern California. When she started a family of her own, she moved to Idaho. Originally Dani’s plan was to continue her softball career into college & eventually play for team USA. Her dream was to have her name on her own softball bat! Graduating high school, a year before her class, she decided to take a medical assisting course to continue her education until heading off to college. She was the only student in her class to intern for a chiropractic office, and the rest is history. Dani has been working with chiropractors from California & Idaho for 16 years. She is passionate about educating others on the benefits of regular chiropractic care. When Dani is not at the office, she is a chaos coordinator for her 7 kids, 2 puppies & husband!

David Woody

Exercise Therapist / Personal Trainer

David grew up in the small town of Glenns Ferry, Idaho, where he played sports and ran around exploring all that Idaho nature has to offer. He spent 7 years in Pennsylvania, going to Penn State to earn his Associates’ Degree as a Physical Therapy Assistant. David worked in Pennsylvania as a PTA and wellness assistant for a while, but his experiences lead him to pursue his certificate as a personal trainer, which brought him back to Idaho. He now gets to take care of the wonderful patients at Gonstead Spine & Wellness and once again take advantage of Idaho’s nature scene by climbing, running, and spending time out in the open with his wife.

emily gonstead spine and wellness staff-324px

Emily Corsons

Exercise Therapist / Traction

Emily was born in Fairbanks, Alaska on Fort Wainwright Airforce base. Both parents were active Military service members. “We moved to Boise shortly after I was born and grew up out in Kuna, Idaho with my younger brother. Graduating high school in 2017, I went on and have been working as a Certified Nursing Assistant for the past 4 and a half years working in numerous facilities around Boise. Working for Gonstead Spine & Wellness has been amazing and has helped me decide where I want my career to take me. My favorite part about my job is how much I’m learning every day and the patient interaction I get on a daily basis.”

jenna gonstead spine and wellness staff-324px

Jenna Rapp

Doctor Assistant / New Patient Coordinator

Jenna was born and raised in Southern California and moved to Idaho to attend Boise State University in 2017. She graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Health Science and aspires to become a Physician Assistant. In 2019, Jenna went on a two week medical mission to Kenya and discovered her passion to work in areas with inadequate access to care. Looking to expand her knowledge and experience in the health care field, she was welcomed on to the GSW team as Dr. Todd’s clinical assistant. She enjoys working for GSW because she gets to see firsthand how the Gonstead method combined with CBP and Functional Movement work synergistically to provide optimal care and treatment for patients. In her free time, Jenna enjoys kayaking, reading, camping with her husband and spending time with their 2 dogs.

courtney gonstead spine and wellness staff-324px

Courtney Mouser

Front Office / Traction

Courtney was born and raised in Northern Indiana, spent 9 years in Southern Florida, then made the move west to Idaho. For 13 years she used her Early Childhood Education degree teaching and nannying. After being introduced to chiropractic, holistic health, and clean eating 7 years ago and experiencing life changing results she knew, ultimately, this was the path for her. 1 1/2 years ago she made the jump and became a New Patient Coordinator and Tech CA. It was the perfect fit and she knew she wanted to help introduce people to chiropractic and change more lives. As her journey progressed, GSW came along and opened her eyes to unique, ground breaking methods to deliver top-tier care. Outside of work, Courtney enjoys backpacking, camping, hiking, climbing, and traveling the country with her husband and dog.

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Paul Bianco

Exercise Therapist / Traction

Paul is from Orlando, Florida. He has a bachelor’s degree in Sports and Exercise Science from the University of Central Florida. He was previously a personal trainer for 2 years. His interest in chiropractic care and rehabilitation ultimately brought him to Gonstead Spine & Wellness. Paul’s passion for assisting people with their rehabilitation needs continues to drive him in this industry. In his free time, Paul enjoy being active, continuing his education, and spending time with loved ones.

kaitlyn gonstead spine and wellness staff-324px

Kaitlyn McGee

Front Office

Kaitlyn was born in Salt Lake, Utah but moved to Idaho when she was 4 months old, She is the youngest of 4. She attended Kuna High School and graduated in 2016. She then went on to work as a CNA at assisted living facilities around the Boise and Meridian area, She has a little boy, recently got married, and she loves to: go shooting with her uncles, have game nights with friends, and be surrounded by her family and friends.

“Joining GSW has opened my eyes and taught me new ways of unique healthcare. I love how the patients and the staff treat one another like family. I look forward to all the years and the learning I can do with GSW.”

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