Make A Routine With Ice

Gonstead Chiropractor, Dr. Todd Pickman explains the importance of using ice after an adjustment.

Every chiropractor knows the importance of icing after your adjustment. Ice is used as an anti-inflammatory tool to decrease the swelling or inflammation in the spinal discs and the tissues surrounding the discs: muscles, tendons and ligaments. All that tissue can get inflamed when you have a problem with your spine and it can even get inflamed in the process of going through and getting your spine corrected.

After correcting your spine, it’s very important to ice. Make sure to do this for the first couple of adjustments, but also after every single visit if there is any sort of spinal remodeling traction, so any sort of traction done in the office not within five minutes of coming off the equipment. The best case scenario is to get ice on for at least five to ten minutes following that traction appointment.

Dr Todd explains why and chiropractor approves!

“Let’s say that we’re doing traction on the neck to change the curve, let’s say yours doesn’t look so nice and it’s been in this position for a long time. The tissues are accustomed to being in the wrong position and we’re doing traction so you’ve done warm-up exercises maybe you were adjusted on that same visit and now we’re doing traction so we’re using equipment to actually stretch and trying to deform the shape of those deep ligaments muscles and tissues to correct this type of curvature.

In the process of doing that procedure, tissues are going to get inflamed. Sometimes you won’t feel it, you won’t get all that sore at all. It is crucial and it’s important, so that you get the best results possible, to get ice on the spine within five minutes. You grab this out of the freezer here in the office, and you throw this inside of the sleeve, (you never want to put the ice on the surface of the skin, you want to make sure there’s at least a thin layer of cloth protecting the skin, without a cover you can sometimes cause frostbite). It is very important to get ice on that area to calm the tissues down, which prevents you from getting sore. This is for your benefit to ensure you will not get excessive soreness.”

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