Just Stand up Straight! How Hard is That?!

Are you “hunched over”? Know someone who is? They just need to stand up straight, right? It’s not as simple as you might think.

A “hunched over” look in your mid to upper back is known as thoracic kyphosis.

This condition worsens over time with poor posture and not addressing your spinal health. Addressing this condition is extremely important. Documented in a study over several years, it has been PROVEN thoracic kyphosis WILL shorten your life expectancy. In addition, it causes a decrease in lung function and ultimately respiratory failure. A “hunched over” back isn’t just bad posture… This is about your overall heath!

For more detailed information on this study, click HERE!

What causes thoracic kyphosis? Simply stated, your posture becomes distorted. This can occur for multiple reasons (non-functional movement patterns, a sitting work environment, etc.). Your body will actually try to “correct” this problem by pulling your spine forward by tightening muscles and ligaments. Unfortunately, this leads to worsened thoracic kyphosis, which is known as thoracic hyperkyphosis.

Remember that life expectancy thing?!

You can tell someone they just need to stand up straight. However, they simply can’t. Their muscles have become rigid and it can actually be painful to stand correctly. Specific adjustments and corrective exercises are the BEST way to CORRECT thoracic kyphosis. Correcting this spinal condition leads to many health benefits and a longer life!

If you, your family member or loved ones are “hunched over” – be very concerned. They need to CORRECT this spinal condition as soon as possible.

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