Inflammation + Poor Gut Health = Chronic Disease

Inflammation is one of the key indicators in any disease process. Despite the overwhelming statistics of chronic diseases in our country, many physicians prescribe medications with significant side effects and overlook the key factor in any disease process.

Inflammation in your body is usually driven by your lifestyle choice that affect your gut. How efficiently your intestines function is affected by many factors including the food you eat and the stress you’re under. When your intestines aren’t functioning properly, it can result in “leaky gut” which allows food particles and bacteria into your blood. This is a fundamental problem that triggers inflammation in your body and INCREASES your potential risk for illness.

In many cases your health care provider does not understand how detrimental medication to disease brings serious side effects which can be more dangerous. A perfect example is the use of statins to reduce high cholesterol levels. However, these are not effective in preventing heart disease which decreases your overall health. Unfortunately, this reduces the body’s ability to absorb CoQ10 (necessary for energy production in every cell in your body), vitamin K2 (which stimulates atherosclerosis and heart failure) in addition to cancer, diabetes.

Perhaps inflammation and your gut health is more important than we thought!!

So, how do you lower your inflammation? A significant way to decrease inflammation is with quality supplementation. For example, magnesium has been found to REDUCE inflammation. Magnesium a natural calcium channel blocker, which is important as excess calcium is one of the most pro-inflammatory substances in the body. A healthy omega 6: omega 3 ratio decreases inflammation. If your iron levels are found to be elevated, donating blood or detoxifying your body will naturally reduce high iron levels.

Your gut health! Don’t forget, food particles and bacteria leaking from your intestines increase your level of inflammation and risk of heart disease. By eliminating grains, sugars and lectin-rich legumes, while adding fermented foods and probiotics, it will help heal your gut and reduce inflammation.

Lastly, don’t forget the importance of a healthy spine. Subluxations interrupt the communication in your central nervous system making it very difficult for your brain to inherently correct these imbalances.

Spinal health = no subluxations = decreased inflammation = IMPROVED BODY WELLNESS!!

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