What Is Hashimoto’s?

Millions Of Women Have It, Few Know What it is.

What is Hashimotos’s? Millions of women are diagnosed with hypothyroidism each year, and even though their labs may show everything is “Normal”, their symptoms continue.

Symptoms like: weight gain, severe fatigue, constipation and hair loss.

Hashimoto’s is an automimmune disease where your own body attacks and destroys your thyroid gland. Most women are not tested for Hashimoto’s because the diagnosis does not change the course of treatment.

In other words, even if your doctor tested you for Hashimoto’s, and you tested positive, nothing would change. You won’t be given a new medicine for Hashimoto’s, you continue taking your thyroid medication. And this is why symptoms continue even though your TSH may show that everything is normal.

Well, a functional medicine doctor wants to get to the ‘Root Cause’ of the problem. And the ‘Root Cause’, of most cases of hypothyroidism, is Hashimoto’s.

Watch this video and learn what Hashimoto’s is and how it affects the thyroid gland.

Click the video below or go here https://youtu.be/hbE8R2ptewY

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