'To See is to Know, To NOT See is to Guess'

When it comes to your health, we don’t guess. We have one of the largest x-ray facilities in any chiropractic facility in the country, with some of the most state-of-the-art digital equipment.
Not only is the quality of the x-ray images amazing in their precision and clarity, but the analysis of the x-ray images is what is of upmost importance.

We analyze the x-ray images using two different criteria:

tablet1Gonstead Full Spine analysis – “The Foundation Principle”

The pelvis is marked and measured down the the millimeter, comparing symmetry and alignment to determine the best mechanical way to correct the subluxations that we find with our detailed hands-on examination. The entire spine is visualized as the one continuos structure that it is (not broken up into sections). This enables us to better analyze how one area of the spine is affecting another to enable that we correct the cause of the problem most effectively.

tabletChiropractic BioPhysics Structural Analysis

The entire spine is then compared to an “Ideal Spine Model”. The spine should be straight when visualized from the front and have 3 distinct curves when viewed fromt he side. These curves are measured, along with the overall balance and posture of the entire spine. X-Ray views can be obtained that enable us to detect possible ligament damage and instability in the neck and lower back to better document the extent of one’s injuries and damage. We are then able to develop a spinal rehabilitative program to stabilize and correct the problematic areas.