Gluten is NOT your friend!

For those not aware, all you need to do is walk down a grocery aisle to see “gluten free” is a BIG thing in our foods. Is it really that important?

Yes, actually. It is.

*gluten free flours (almond, coconut, teff, flaxseed meal, whole rice, brown rice, buckwheat)

Intolerance to gluten has been a way to describe celiac disease or other auto immune diseases. These are caused by eating wheat that has been sprayed with the pesticide Round-up with a chemical called glyphosate. This offending molecule (poison) attaches itself to gluten and attacks the intestinal wall causing inflammation, decreasing the absorption surface area of the intestinal villi. In addition, as the villi become destroyed, deep pockets develop called crypts, which can collect bacteria and worsen conditions the individual is dealing with. They may have an auto-immune skin disorder – yet in reality, the cause is found in the intestinal tract.

So, how do you treat this condition?

It’s important to remove gluten from your diet to determine if you truly have a gluten intolerance at some level. As most of us do, it’s important due to the vital connection between the gut and brain for optimal functioning of the body. When working properly, you have excellent balance between three big players… 1) your liver and ability to detoxify 2) healthy intestinal gut flora and 3) hormone balanced. If your liver enzymes are abnormal or you’re having problems with hormones (infertility) – chances are your gut flora is NOT healthy.



Functional Medicine is the key to solving the symptoms with intolerance to gluten (glyphosate) as it goes beyond what many regular care providers will look at. Functional medicine providers are able to really dig deep with your history with highly specific lab work that allows you to find the CAUSE of the symptoms of many problems… many you didn’t even realize you were having.

To allow your body to heal, gluten must be removed from your diet (don’t forget the hidden food sources!) After a certain amount of time, many symptoms may resolve and you’ll feel a million times better. If you remove gluten from your diet and experience no change at all, it would probably be ok to eat wheat gluten – make sure it’s organic. I think we can all agree… poison  shouldn’t be in our body!

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