Exercising daily? Is it functional?

Functional movement is the way your body was DESIGNED to move. Understanding this concept is very important, not only for professional athletes, but for moms, dads, children and especially athletes that spend endless hours working to maintain health. Exercise is not enough! Countless hours can be spent at the gym – but if you aren’t moving functionally, your body is at risk for injury.

Undergoing a Functional Movement Screen with a personal trainer or care provider who is certified in assessing your body movements (Functional Movement Systems (FMS/SFMA) Certified) is the first step in preventing injury (even if it’s properly picking up your little one).

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is an evidence-based exercise philosophy developed by Gray Cook, one of the world’s most respected injury-prevention specialists. According to Cook, the primary cause of athletic injuries is neither weakness nor tightness, but rather muscle imbalance. Just because you can bench five hundred pounds doesn’t mean you won’t dislocate your shoulder. Strength does NOT equal functional strength, and ignoring whole-body stability in favor of isolated muscle mass and power is a RECIPIE FOR DISASTER.

Exercising muscles in isolation will change their shape and size, but will not likely help your body be safer from injury. Working basic body movements, however, will strengthen muscles and make movement safer.

Don’t have the time? Consider this perspective… Sacrificing forty minutes each week takes less time, and less loss of progress, than six to eight months of recovery after an injury.

For more information on what is involved in a functional movement screen, click HERE!

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