End the Cycle of Low Back Pain

Three million individuals suffer from low back pain each year. Low back pain, or lumbago, effects the ability to work efficiently, living life to your full potential, effects families, causes disabilities if unaddressed and more often than not, is completely preventable.

When thinking about low back pain, it’s important to look at the vertebrae of the spine. These vertebrae protect the spinal nerve and the nerves that come out to control every aspect of our body, down to a single cell. Every spinal column is susceptible to stresses and forces (small, repetitive injuries – sit at your job every day?) resulting in subluxations.

These (often-minor) misalignments of the spine, referred to as subluxations, cause nerve interference and weaken the entire structure of the spine. This often will occur without any pain being felt. Left untreated, these stresses and forces causes the vertebrae of the spine to develop significant misalignments/subluxations, which causes loss in proper structural position… resulting in PAIN. An individual may notice distortions in their own posture (being hunched over or your head shifts to one side). A non-functional or abnormal walking gait may be noticed too (pain in one knee for example) as your body tries to compensate.

So how does one address low back pain?

When it comes to making health decisions for yourself, a family member, etc., a good rule of thumb to follow is to try the least invasive route first. With medical decisions, medications, etc. it’s always best to start with the “smallest dose” to address the cause. With low back pain, seeing a back-surgeon specialist may not be the least “invasive” route in first addressing the cause. Often, simple exercises and changes in daily habits can be the difference between being pain free or on medications or needing surgery.

If your care provider is working with you and NOT addressing the CAUSE of your pain, it may not be the best health care provider for you long term. It’s time to take control of your health and living a pain free life!

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