Does Your Doctor Mention Spinal Health? They SHOULD!

At Gonstead Spine & Wellness, spinal health is our major focus. However, if you’re not a patient (yet!) – it’s important to understand WHY your spinal health is so important to your body wellness.

The spinal cord is protected by your spine. The spinal cord branches off, and continues to do so – controlling everything in your body (organs, tissues, down to a single cell). Being able to control everything, your spinal cord NEEDS to be in the most relaxed position possible – which is why POSTURE is so important!

With the proper curves in your spine, your spinal cord is relaxed and communication in the central nervous system can occur without interruption!

Abnormal neck curves (forward neck position (have a cell phone?), thoracic kyphosis or posture distortions) pull and stretch your spinal cord, decreasing blood flow leading to a decline in optimal communication in your central nervous system. When this happens, significant health symptoms occur. These symptoms may include allergies, asthma, diabetes, chronic inflammation, organ dysfunction… These can ALL be improved on and are preventable.

With corrected posture, functional movement correction and PRECISE adjustments – you can greatly improve your health!

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