Does it REALLY do a Body Good?!

It’s no secret. We are the ONLY mammals that drink milk past the point of weaning. Beyond that, we are the only mammal that drinks another species milk. Is it any surprise lactose intolerant is common place?

What were we always told growing up? Milk does a body good, right? You NEED the calcium for strong, healthy bones.

As we age, individuals are often told they have osteoporosis (weak, brittle bones) and placed on medication – Unfortunately, these medications cause more harm than good. While increasing bone growth more rapidly, this occurs at a faster rate than the process of the bone breaking down. This creates dense but brittle bones… Not to mention, all the lovely side effects of the medication itself.

Where did this problem come from? Simply put, the pasteurization process changes milk and calcium becomes insoluble (you can’t absorb it efficiently).

Love your glass of milk in the morning? Drink RAW milk. This can be difficult to find, due to regulations. Check out this website for locations in each state to find raw milk. In addition, if you buy pasteurized milk at the store, do NOT fall for the low-fat versions. You WANT milk with a higher fat content.

Don’t forget!! Coconut milk or almond milk are great alternatives!! Not only do they provide calcium, but they have added health benefits that come from coconut and raw almonds.

The GREATEST way to have strong, dense, healthy bones is weight bearing, resistant functional exercise. Your bones are stronger to withstand stress (falls, sport injuries, etc.), thus decreasing the risk of fracture and potential health complications.

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