Before & After X-Rays

This is the side view of the low back. In the x-ray on the left, the green line is where the normal low back curve should be. The red line shows where this patient’s spine is misaligned. The x-ray on the right is the follow up x-ray, taken just 3 months into care.

The focus of this patient was to correct her lower back (lumbar spine). She actually didn’t even come in due to low back pain. Remember, MOST subluxations don’t cause any pain at all!

Notice the dramatic low back curve change in the x-ray on the right.

After years of playing sports and various traumas, this patient didn’t realize how “translated” his head was over to one side. These types of postural distortions create a physical load to the spinal cord and the nerves that often times goes on completely ignored by standard chiropractic and medical care.

This young man had lost that curve by falling on his head in a pole vaulting injury years ago. He was experiencing numbness in his left arm and was told that he had two disc herniations in his neck and that he would need surgery. In a matter of 2 weeks, his symptoms were gone, and 3 months later, a follow up x-ray revealed a dramatic improvement to his neck curve.