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Corrective Care is the best way to reinforce Chiropractic adjustments.

What Is Corrective Exercise?

Getting Chiropractic adjustments is integral to your treatment plan, and corrective exercises will help you build upon that foundation. What that means is that in addition to getting adjusted, we will teach you how to perform certain movement patterns that will improve your mobility and help you gain strength in tight or weakened areas. Watch the Rehab Videos below to see examples!

How Corrective Exercise Works:

Let’s say that a person’s posture isn’t the best. They slouch over at the desk, in their car, and at home, and they’ve developed a habit of carrying their head far in front of them (text neck).

Well, if this person gets adjusted by a Chiropractor, they’ll feel relief but it’ll be temporary. If they go back to their regular routine after that, the adjustment won’t hold well and they’ll be back to where they started.

This is where corrective exercise comes into play. By doing exercises to help improve their posture, and to help fix the various muscle imbalances throughout their body, they will sit up straighter and their spine will be better protected. This means the adjustments will hold better!

What Exercises Are Typical?

Patients praise Gonstead Spine & Wellness for the fact that we measure their movement and then pinpoint where it can be improved so they can live more functional lives.

When you first start with us, you will do simple exercises first, addressing mobility, or your ability to move a body part from “point A” to “point B”. 

This is done at the level that you can tolerate and performed methodically so you progress effectively.

As you become more comfortable, you will learn more involved exercises that incorporate basic “functional movements” that are common in everyday activities.

Once you are cleared to progress, you will begin to build strength on this functional foundation.

What Is Spinal Traction?

Spinal traction or “spinal remodeling” is at the heart of a true corrective care facility. We use custom designed equipment consisting of straps and pulleys to restore proper alignment and health to the spine.

This is an example of a treatment used to improve the vital curve of the spine. The sessions are progressive, as the patient begins with only a few minutes in this position, and over time, the treatment time is increased as the patient becomes more flexible and moves towards a healthier, corrective state.

spinal traction at gonstead spine and wellness

Is It Safe for Scoliosis?

Yes! We specialize in scoliosis analysis and designing corrective treatment plans to manage these conditions accordingly. Please note that we will be happy to schedule an initial evaluation to discuss the many variables involved in a scoliosis case. We’ll give you the best approach.

Do we take your insurance?

Gonstead Spine & Wellness is an in-network preferred provider, and accepts most health insurance plans as well as automobile and work injury claims.

How soon can we see you?

We have very flexible hours including EMERGENCY appointments on Saturdays (if possible). Call us at 208-888-6077 or complete the form below to start the process.

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