CBP Corrective Care is the most evidence-based, researched method of spinal correction within our profession.

After 8 years into practice of exclusively using The Gonstead Method to help my patients, I discovered CBP or Chiropractic BioPhysics. Like most Doctors out there, I had never heard about this system before, this was not taught in my school (or most schools for that matter), and since I was a student in Chiropractic College, this system has developed tremendously since its inception over 20 years ago. I immediately began to implement this system into my practice (when I was practicing in New Mexico) and was able to help provide lasting relief and correct difficult cases that I was unable to achieve with adjusting alone.

There is no replacement for a skilled set of hands; being able to detect AND adjust subluxations. CBP offers an additional “missing piece” to this health care puzzle through a combination of precise:

  • postural corrective exercises
  • postural corrective adjustments
  • corrective traction (spinal remodeling)

In a true CBP Corrective Care practice, when a patient is going through care, x-rays are taken initially to precisely measure and analyze to see if one’s spine is “within normal limits” compared to an ideal model. If a patient is a candidate for CBP Corrective Care, a specific treatment plan will be designed, and at various intervals of care, comparative x-rays will be obtained to gauge progress and measure the objective changes.

CBP-Advanced Certified

CBP_Trained_Doc_logoCDr. Pickman completed over 400 hours of CBP seminar training. He presented these concepts to a gathering of his peers at the 2013 Gonstead Clinical Studies Society “Meeting of the Minds” at Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport Iowa.

Adjustments not 'holding'?

Corrective exercises are performed to rehabilitate the spine and posture back into a more neutral, healthy position. We describe postural correction as the “glue” that holds the adjustments in place. Oftentimes when a patient only gains short-term relief from their Chiropractic adjustments, a larger postural problem exists that has never been addressed. We believe it correcting the cause of the problem for lasting results!

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Schedule complimentary scoliosis consultation with a Doctor

We specialize in scoliosis analysis and designing corrective treatment plans to manage these conditions accordingly. Please note that we will be happy to schedule a consultation to discuss the many variables involved in a scoliosis, so we can let you know if you are a good candidate for this type of care.

Spinal “remodeling” is at the heart of a true Corrective Care facility. This specially designed equipment is used to restore proper alignment and health to the spine. This is an example of a treatment used to improve the vital curve of the neck. The sessions are progressive, as the patient begins with only a few minutes in this position, and over time, the treatment time is increased as the patient becomes more flexible and moves towards a healthier, corrective state.

A variety of 'home-care' interventions can be used along with in-office treatment to maximize results.

Article Published in the 'American Journal of Clinical Chiropractic' in 2012.