Chronic Pain – Does it Ever End?!

Chronic low back pain affects millions of individuals. The causes seem endless (various injuries, falls, long history of sitting in a work environment). Sometimes, the chronic low back pain seems to have no known cause. All you know is you hurt!!

So, what can you do? Take an anti-inflammatory? Surgery? Exercise? Ignore it? It is CHRONIC after all, what can be done?

Actually, you can do something. Case studies are proving chiropractic care is very beneficial for low back pain, but sometimes a little extra encouragement is needed!

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According to the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine, a study was performed with a patient experiencing chronic low back pain due to a bulging disc in their spine that radiated down their leg in addition to foot numbness. The numeric pain scale, positive orthopedic and neurological tests and length of time the patient had a chronic low back condition helped determine rehabilitation exercises.

The patient was treated using chiropractic adjustments as well as rehabilitation exercise. As the pain scale value decreased and orthopedic tests became negative, more challenging spinal stabilization protocols were introduced.

In conclusion with the study, it was found those who suffer with any chronic conditions may need extra encouragement to achieve a positive outcome with chiropractic care. Patient cooperation is often overlooked in chronic conditions. All health care providers should take extra steps to focus on the patient’s compliance with the recommended treatment plan and home protocols.

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