Chiropractors are a SCAM!

How many times have you heard from a friend, family member, loved one… “I don’t BELIEVE in chiropractic”… “chiropractors are hacks!” or “It’s a scam!”

Frustrated because you don’t know what to say? Questioning YOUR choices?


Chiropractic care is NOT a “belief”. It is understanding how the body WORKS. The brain controls everything. Energy is sent down the spinal cord and out nerves that control your organs, tissues… down to a single cell. Your nervous system is the supreme controlling factor in your body. Function dictates health.


Life happens! A bone can misalign, even at birth – It’s nearly impossible NOT to have subluxations. If you are suffering with organ issues (heart, liver, kidneys) you may NOT be sick – Irritation and inflammation to that organ occur from misaligned joints. This confuses the brain and the body compensates naturally to “correct” the perceived problem.


You’re at a fork in the road.


Always choose your care providers based on the situation you are in. Do you need crisis care, surgery or do you require preventative care? Ignoring your central nervous system, and its health will cause preventable chronic illness and loss of wellness.


Time to be comfortable with being uncomfortable!!


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