Breathing 101

We all do it every day, and most of us are breathing all wrong!

The human body was not designed to be seated all day, yet that is our reality.

We sit in traffic, at work, at home, and sitting causes certain muscles (pectorialis to name a few) to shorten, therefore rolling our shoulders forward,

Omega 3 Versus Omega 6 Fatty Acids

The reason your aches and pains continue could be due to an imbalance in omega 3 versus omega 6 fatty acids that you consume.

Are your headaches getting worse? Your back and neck pain?

The reason is quite simple, there is a process the body uses to help keep your inflammation down.

What Is A Herniated Disc?

What is a herniated disc?

Today we are discussing what a herniated disc is, the most common reasons people suffer from a herniated disc, and what you must focus on to get to the “Root Cause” of the problem.

First let’s discuss the Anatomy of the disc:

In between each bony vertebrae,

What Is Hashimoto’s?

Millions Of Women Have It, Few Know What it is.

What is Hashimotos’s? Millions of women are diagnosed with hypothyroidism each year, and even though their labs may show everything is “Normal”, their symptoms continue.

Symptoms like: weight gain, severe fatigue, constipation and hair loss.

Hashimoto’s is an automimmune disease where your own body attacks and destroys your thyroid gland.

Make A Routine With Ice

Gonstead Chiropractor, Dr. Todd Pickman explains the importance of using ice after an adjustment.

Every chiropractor knows the importance of icing after your adjustment. Ice is used as an anti-inflammatory tool to decrease the swelling or inflammation in the spinal discs and the tissues surrounding the discs: muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Probiotics: Most Important Supplement You Must Take

Dr. Todd Pickman from Gonstead Spine & Wellness talks about an important supplement, if not the most important supplement that you and your family can and should be taking on a daily basis, which is probiotics. Gut health is really important for many things, one of which is immunity function.

We know that 80% of your immune system and the strength of the immune system relies on proper gut health.

The power of the Hip Hinge

If you suffer from low back pain, you need to know this.

If you want to avoid an inevitable low back injury, you need to know this.

Ok… everybody NEEDS to know this!

What is the hip hinge?

Glad you asked.  The hip hinge is a foundational movement pattern that every healthy individual should possess,

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