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Carpel Tunnel Syndrome – It’s Your Wrist, Right?



Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a common complaint experienced by three million of individuals each year (especially among those who have jobs requiring long periods of sitting and typing). According to the Mayo Clinic, carpal tunnel syndrome is a numbness and tingling sensation in the hand and arm caused by a pinched nerve in the wrist.

While most of the discomfort is in the wrist, it is important to know there are other areas of the body that can cause the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Surprised?

This syndrome is known as a “triple crush phenomenon”. What does that mean?

When pinched from misaligned bones (subluxations), the median nerve (main nerve involved) causes the sensation of numbness and tingling – but is most often seen in three separate areas. 

The most COMMON place misaligned bones are seen in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are actually in the neck when your head is held in a forward position or perhaps it shifts slightly to the side. The second area is your elbow. With repetitive typing jobs or sitting for long periods of time, the elbow can actually become misaligned, pinching the median nerve. Finally, in the area of the wrist, many of the wrist bones can become misaligned – pinching the carpal tunnel.

In considering treatment options, it is important to see or consult with a healthcare provider who understands how the body is meant to move. According to the Mayo clinic treatment recommendations (rest, ice, wrist splints, cortisone injections or surgery), which are all acceptable treatment options – They do NOT address the CAUSE. It seems silly to have surgery on your wrist when the problem is poor neck posture.

If you’re struggling with the numbness and tingling of carpal tunnel syndrome and your healthcare provider has not discussed correct posture and movement with you, perhaps it’s time for a second opinion!

Reference: Mayo Clinic

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