Breathing 101

We all do it every day, and most of us are breathing all wrong!

The human body was not designed to be seated all day, yet that is our reality.

We sit in traffic, at work, at home, and sitting causes certain muscles (pectorialis to name a few) to shorten, therefore rolling our shoulders forward, preventing us from taking good deep breaths.

Most of us then breathe using our shoulders, and this will cause tight traps and accessory muscles through your neck and upper back. This will then prevent you from getting that rich oxygen we need. As a result we are left fatigued.

The other factor we must address is Poor Posture. If you have poor posture along with being seated all day with tight shortened muscles, this will now compound the problem.

Two exercises you can do right now to maximize your breathing.

  1. Is called the Belly Breathing Technique- where you are in the seated position with shoulders back, you place your hands on your belly with a small space in between, and you take deep breaths trying to separate your hands as much as possible.
  2. Crocodile Breathing- on your stomach, you attempt to raise the small of your back up.

You can watch both of these techniques in the video we created.

Click here to watch.

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