Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – It’s Your Wrist, Right?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a common complaint experienced by three million of individuals each year (especially among those who have jobs requiring long periods of sitting and typing). According to the Mayo Clinic, carpal tunnel syndrome is a numbness and tingling sensation in the hand and arm caused by a pinched nerve in the wrist.

The Stabbing Pain of Plantar Fasciitis

Experiencing significant pain is a frustrating situation for countless individuals… especially when you are reminded of this pain with every step you take. Effecting nearly 3 million people per year, plantar fasciitis is an extremely painful foot condition. Normally seen in feet with a loss of a normal arch, plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the plantar fascia,

Take Your Magnesium!

Magnesium deficiency is extremely common, and recent research shows even subclinical deficiency can jeopardize your heart health. Magnesium is also important for brain health, detoxification, cellular health and function, and the optimization of your mitochondria. In short, magnesium has enormous potential to influence your health and general well-being, especially the prevention of heart disease and cancer,

Ending the Migraine Cycle

A migraine is a headache that causes symptoms of throbbing pain or pulsing sensation. It’s often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. Migraine attacks can cause significant pain for hours to days and can be so severe that the pain is disabling. Migraines often begin in childhood, adolescence or early adulthood.

The Curves of Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a spinal condition where the spine curves sideways. It’s a spinal condition you may often hear mentioned and perhaps even remember being screened for it as a young teenager. It often becomes evident during the growth spurt before puberty, hence those middle school year exams. While scoliosis can be caused by conditions such as cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy,

Stop the Damage from Ankylosing Spondylitis

Ankylosing spondylitis (AS) is a type of arthritis that affects the joints and the spine. It causes inflammation of the spinal joints leading to chronic pain and discomfort.

A common symptom of ankylosing spondylitis is swelling of the joint where the bottom vertebra of the spine joins the pelvic bone. In some people,

End the Cycle of Low Back Pain

Three million individuals suffer from low back pain each year. Low back pain, or lumbago, effects the ability to work efficiently, living life to your full potential, effects families, causes disabilities if unaddressed and more often than not, is completely preventable.

When thinking about low back pain, it’s important to look at the vertebrae of the spine.

The Safety of Pediatric Chiropractic

Complementary and alternative medicine is growing in popularity for children as it is consistently being proven “accepted” medical care is causing more harm than good. The safety and effectiveness of complementary and/or alternative medicine for children is of utmost importance.

Chiropractic care is the most popular form of complementary and alternative therapy sought for children by their parents.

Just Stand up Straight! How Hard is That?!

Are you “hunched over”? Know someone who is? They just need to stand up straight, right? It’s not as simple as you might think.

A “hunched over” look in your mid to upper back is known as thoracic kyphosis.

This condition worsens over time with poor posture and not addressing your spinal health.

Gluten is NOT your friend!

For those not aware, all you need to do is walk down a grocery aisle to see “gluten free” is a BIG thing in our foods. Is it really that important?

Yes, actually. It is.

Intolerance to gluten has been a way to describe celiac disease or other auto immune diseases.