Are Prescription Medications always NEEDED?

How EFFECTIVE are prescription medications?


What if a drug company published studies showing a positive effect? You’d look at the published medical literature and be thinking “this drug could help a lot of people!”


The key word is PUBLISHED.



When published and unpublished data are combined, they fail to show a clinically significant advantage for ANY medication. Not publishing negative results puts millions of patients at risk for using ineffective or unsafe drugs.


In the case many medications; it’s not that they aren’t helpful… It’s the response to placebo real and is powerful.


Does it matter how it happens, just as long as the patient feels better?



If different treatments are equally effective, shouldn’t the choice be based on risk and harm? Too many doctors quickly decide upon a diagnosis and begin symptom management, rather than referring you to alternative forms of medical care that actually corrects the cause of many problems.


Problems that frankly, TOO MANY people shouldn’t be suffering the way they are.


If medication is used at all, it should be as a last resort.



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