What motivates YOU?!

Most people avoid doing things unless a change warrants it, that is, they are consequence motivated

Individuals often wait until something happens with their health, THEN make choices to avoid a consequence. Pain (a symptom) often motivates one to seek care.

Adjust your JAW?!

Would you be surprised to know you have MANY extremities? Not only your arms and legs but your ribs, jaw, collar bone and shoulder blade?


Why is this important?


When any extremity becomes misaligned, they become “stuck” in a fixed position. This causes the joint above it or below it to move MORE than it should to compensate for the lost mobility…  This results in inflammation and the most common complaint of PAIN!

Are Prescription Medications always NEEDED?

How EFFECTIVE are prescription medications?


What if a drug company published studies showing a positive effect? You’d look at the published medical literature and be thinking “this drug could help a lot of people!”


The key word is PUBLISHED.



Your Body NEEDS water!

Drink your WATER!!


Even more important with our increasing temperatures, drinking an adequate amount of water is VITAL for optimal body functioning.

Our body is made of 65% water – so it stands to reason it needs it to function,

Get Diet Soda OUT of Your BODY!!

What Are the Health Risks of Diet Soda?



Drinking one artificially sweetened beverage a day may increase your risk of stroke and dementia by three-fold compared to drinking less than one a week. This association persisted after controlling for other factors that could increase the risk (ex.

Omega 6? Omega 3? Which one is GOOD for YOU?

If you’ve been diagnosed with an inflammatory condition, did your provider ever test your Omega 6:3 ratio?


Omega 3 is GOOD for your body… Omega 6 is BAD. Unfortunately, MANY foods consumed are HIGH in Omega 6, LOW in Omega 3.


This makes the ratio between the two highly out of balance causing inflammation in your body.

Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia?

Science is PROVING there is a different way to treat Fibromyalgia?!


It’s true!


Are you among the MILLIONS of individuals diagnosed with fibromyalgia or an auto-immune disorder? Do your prescribed medication have side effects that make you feel WORSE??


There is little evidence treatment with medication for Fibromyalgia results in successful,

Coconut oil is GOOD for you!

Wait, there are types of saturated fat, including coconut oil, that are necessary for optimal health?  

Where Coconut Oil Has Been Used, People Thrive!!

“Asian and Polynesian people who rely on coconut and coconut oil as a part of their daily diet have the lowest heart-disease rates in the world.

Are you POISONING your BODY with Sugar?!

Simply stated, sugar is NOT good for your body!

In today’s society, sugar is in many of the “healthy” foods we eat – thus EXCESS sugar is consumed and health complications follow.

So you’re already avoiding sweets?

AMAZINGLY, with sugar being so well hidden in our food, it makes it very easy to have too much!