Your feet AND back problems?

Surprised to know many back problems ultimately begin at your FEET?!


A normal foot should move in a specific way and have a nice arch. This is the primary way your body absorbs shock.


Our daily lives have created an environment where we walk in hard shoes and on hard surfaces.


This leads to the foot losing its arch and misalignment in the joints.


There are MANY ways your body shows you’re walking in an abnormal way – If you experience bunions, hammer toes, plantar fasciitis, extreme callous’ or bone spurs – you have abnormal foot posture.



So, how do we FIX this?


The first thing we do is adjust the CORRECT the misaligned joints. To HEAL the foot – correct alignment is assured and a variety of orthotics can be used. A quality orthotic is very important to maintain the correct alignment and posture.


Remember… The foundation of your SPINE starts at your feet!

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