Tummy Troubles in your Little One?

Many newborn babies suffer from reflux, which is a symptom resulting in spitting up after feeding, throwing up, painful gas in addition to difficulty nursing. This is normal, right? LOTS of babies have tummy troubles and it’s very common to ease their discomfort by antacids, simethicone drops, diet changes… This approach, while often recommended by pediatricians and family practice doctors is only a “band aid”. Why not address the CAUSE?!

Babies suffering from reflux, who are treated by a highly skilled chiropractor respond very well to chiropractic treatment. However, many may think this doesn’t make sense – How would seeing a chiropractor help reflux?

The birthing process is VERY stressful to a newborn spine. No matter the method of delivery, if it was assisted with forceps or vacuum, or pushing for a lengthy period of time – it is easy for back and neck vertebrae to become misaligned (subluxation).

According to the Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association, chiropractic care of a three-month-old infant began for gastroesophageal reflux disease. The parents complained of frequently interrupted sleep, excessive intestinal gas, frequent vomiting, excessive crying, difficulty breastfeeding, plagiocephaly (a flat head) and torticollis (neck muscles contract, pulling the head to one side). Previous medical care consisted of Prilosec prescription medication. Notable improvement in the patient’s symptoms was observed within four visits and total resolution of symptoms within three months of care.

A highly skilled chiropractor can correct the misalignment, which removes pressure off the nerves coming from the spinal cord. Any misalignment in your baby’s spine disrupts communication from the central nervous system to the nerves in your baby’s intestines, stomach, and other abdominal organs. If not corrected, this results in gas, discomfort, and other colic symptoms. Once the misalignment is corrected, this results in communication from the central nervous system to your baby’s digestive tract back, resulting in resolution of “tummy troubles”.

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