TOYOM week 1

Check out the entire first week of The “Taste of Your Own Medicine” CHALLENGE.  These are videos that we recorded daily giving you a glimpse of what we have been doing, as well as including VALUABLE information that will SURELY benefit you and your family and friends!

So please:

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  3. Share these video links to friends and family, the ones that you think will benefit them the most (probably ALL OF THEM!!!)
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VIDEO 1: Dr. Todd briefly sharing his morning routine at home, Vit D Phototherapy, and Dr. Todd getting a new NECK X-RAY to measure his current spinal health!

VIDEO 2: Dr. Todd and Dr. Drew starting off the day with their morning workout, Dr. Mike checking and adjusting Dr. Todd, and then Dr. Todd going through his home care next to his 7-week old baby boy; Grayson (he’s a cutie, you’ll want to watch this VIDEO just to see him!)

VIDEO 3: Dr. Oscar going through a Functional Movement Screen (fast motion), Dr. Oscar getting adjusted by Dr. Todd, and one of our Exercise Therapists, April getting adjusted as well.

VIDEO 4: Dr. Todd covers some “Core Kettlebell Moves” and gives a quick and concise explanation of HOW and WHY these are so important for everybody to be able to do properly!

VIDEO 5: Dr. Todd going through his own neck rehabilitation exercise and traction routine.

*And if you missed the 30 Day Challenge intro, look at the previous blog post to WATCH THE VIDEO.


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