Tight Muscles? A massage will fix that, right?

We’ve all had that “knot” in our shoulder or back. You may even tell yourself you “must have slept wrong”…


A massage may feel good at the time, but unless you correct the CAUSE, the muscle will continue to tighten.


Even if the “knot” goes away (remember, pain is the LAST thing to show up and the FIRST symptom to go away) – over time inflammation will literally change the muscle tissues. This is when you’re often told you have scar tissue, adhesions or painful trigger points. This change in your muscle fibers only worsens posture as your body is compensating for subluxations. Our body was NOT intended into remain in this position!


Tight muscles are CAUSED by subluxations (misalignment in the spine). The tight feeling is your muscle trying to “splint” and protect the inflamed nerve coming from your spine. The KEY to saying good bye to tight muscles or muscle spasms is looking at your spinal health.


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