Thyroid Tests Your Doctor Must Run

What thyroid tests should you ask your doctor to run if you believe you have a thyroid problem?

Millions of women suffer with thyroid symptoms (weight gain, severe fatigue, constipation, hair loss) and usually the only test your doctor will run is TSH.

TSH is Thyroid stimulating hormone, and is the Gold Standard in diagnosing Hypothyroidism.

For millions of women, their TSH may be normal yet symptoms continue!

The reason for this is because the Reference Range used is so broad that you might be told your’re normal for years.  For example the normal reference range for TSH where I live is .45-4.5 μIU/mL.
This is over 10 Times The Difference! 

This is why you can go years and years complaining of symptoms yet you never reach that magical number where you’re told you have Hypothyroidism.  This is called subclinical hypothyroidism.

What tests should you run for a thyroid problem?

But TSH is not the only test your doctor can run, there are actually 8 others that give even more information about your thyroid health.  These other labs will tell you if stress is a factor, or liver, or even an autoimmune conditions that is causing your thyroid symptoms!

Click the video below to watch a brief video we created that describes what thyroid tests to run for thyroid problems.

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