'Now, I feel as though I am back at an earlier age. I am 74 but I feel years younger.'

-Jan H.

American Journal of Clinical Chiropractic October 2012

A letter from the patient featured in the above article. This letter was written to Dr. Todd after he informed her that he and his wife would be moving to Idaho:

Hi Dr Todd,
Thanks for the good assessment and the prognosis. I hope you WILL be forwarding my x-ray results as I would love to share those with my family. I am so sad thinking about your not being here a lot longer. On the other hand, I am glad and happy for your possibilities in ID. I am told that is a great place to live. Thanking you and Linda for the hard work you put in to me – and Erin as well. You have all had a huge part in my success.

Jan H.

Another letter written from this patient, intended to address other practitioners in the profession:

As a patient of Gonstead since 2005, I wanted to tell you my experience since late February, 2012 as a patient of the new regimen being promulgated by Dr Todd Pickman.

When I returned to Gonstead after a year’s absence, I was wearing an elastic back brace all day, every day. Even using that brace, I had experienced a day when just being on my feet for several hours (cooking), I was in a great deal of pain. So, I decided to return.

Dr. Todd advised of his new program of adjustments, traction, dennerolls and home exercises. I decided to become a part of the program and began immediately. Within a two week period, I had abandoned wearing the brace for many complete days and most use was restricted to only when I walked. After the 3rd week, I no longer wore the brace at all.

I have been very rigorous in completing the at home exercises and lying on the two dennerolls each and every day. As a matter of fact, I even took the dennerolls with me when I was in KY for a week. Regardless of the time away, I only missed one day of exercises. Over the past 9 weeks, I missed only one appointment for the adjustment/traction because of a bad headache that day.

I feel such improvement! No longer am I experiencing days where icing and resting were just a normal part of nearly every day. I was experiencing weeks where nearly 3 out of 7 days, were spent with icing over-night, most days, icing during the day at some point. The back brace was just standard equipment but there was never a normal walk of 2 miles that my shoulder blades were not aching and icing was absolutely necessary afterwards. Nearly every day I awakened with a nagging headache or had a serious headache about 3 days a week. I have had one headache like that in the last two months. I rarely waken with a headache.

Now, I feel as though I am back at an earlier age. I am 74 but I feel years younger. I saw my second set of x-rays this afternoon and noted the significant improvement. Of course, I plan to continue the exercise program since I am on the second series of 9 week and still have two more sessions in this set. As well, I shall continue using the dennerolls and have even added the thoracic wedge today. We plan on continuing one adjustment and one traction a week for 6 more weeks and will then gravitate to once a month appointments.

I believe more doctors should be capitalizing on this amazing program. As many days as I have visited for appointments, there is not a single soul on the regimen to whom I have spoken, who has not experienced a greater sense of well-being and less pain or, like me, NO pain. In fact, it was not hard to hear one young woman speaking about how much more energy she has experienced. And yet, from what I see, only Dr Pickman is enthusiastic about pursuing such a regimen. I cannot encourage you any more than by telling you how I believe it to be the best program ever to have hit Albuquerque. Since I believe so much in continuation and broadening the bio-physics aspect in addition to Gonstead Chiropractic, this inspired me to write this letter.

Janet H.