I am a runner, triathlete and avid outdoors person.

I have completed:

2 – marathons
3 -50K trail runs
2 – Boise 70.3 Ironmans

Finishers MedalApproximate 18 months ago I began to experience swelling under my right jawbone and neck. I saw several doctors and went on a series of antibiotics with no improvement. The pain would come and go but continued to get progressively worse to the point of waking me up at night. It traveled down the right side of my neck and into my shoulder. I was also getting numbness in my right arm and hand. I asked my wife to set up an appointment with an ENT which subsequently led to an MRI and a diagnosis of Cervical Stenosis. I had degenerative disease at C5-6 and C6-7 broad based central disc protrusion versus extrusion. The information I received from the ENT was that it would get progressively worse and at some point require surgery. I did some research and found a small article that alluded to Chiropractic care improving Cervical Stenosis. I contacted my daughter who works for a Chiropractor practicing Gonstead in another state. She researched the area and was surprised to find Dr. Todd Pickman was now practicing in the Boise area and came highly recommended by the doctors on staff in her office. I made contact and set up the first appointment. In order to keep this as short as possible and still get the message out to others who may be suffering from a similar condition,

My first visit was nothing short of miraculous! I had been in pain for 18 months and felt immediate relief after the first treatment. After the 3rd treatment my pain level had gone from a 4-5 (on a 1-10 pain scale) to a zero!

Dr. Todd has been excellent to explain what was causing the issue and then how we would move forward to reverse the condition that was causing the pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Todd to anyone that is experiencing pain or has been diagnosed with Cervical or Spinal Stenosis.

-Ron S.