Omega 6? Omega 3? Which one is GOOD for YOU?

If you’ve been diagnosed with an inflammatory condition, did your provider ever test your Omega 6:3 ratio?


Omega 3 is GOOD for your body… Omega 6 is BAD. Unfortunately, MANY foods consumed are HIGH in Omega 6, LOW in Omega 3.


This makes the ratio between the two highly out of balance causing inflammation in your body.


Inflammation is a KEY INDICATOR in any disease process.


A HEALTHY ratio of Omega 6:3 will create an anti-inflammatory state in your body, decreasing pain, risk for disease and increase your overall WELLNESS!


How do you decrease Omega 6 and increase Omega 3? Decrease the foods high in Omega 6 (vegetable oil, canola oil, etc.) and increase foods high in Omega 3 (fish, avocado oil, coconut oil).


Talk with your healthcare provider about testing your blood levels of Omega 6:3 (blood spot fatty acid analysis) AND increasing your Omega 3 level with high QUALITY supplements. If it has a fishy taste, don’t eat it… It has oxidized and is rancid.



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