How SHOULD you Stand? Sleep? Sit?

Science has proven healthy posture leads to optimal functioning of the human body.

So… How should you sit? What about standing? Does your back ache in the morning? There are  SPECIFIC positions that will help maintain your spinal health.

Sitting – Sitting is the NEW smoking. It creates more pressure on a disc than any other position & should be avoided as much as possible! If you must sit for a job – take breaks! Every 45-60 minutes; get up, stretch & drink water!


Standing – When standing, keep your pelvis in a forward tilt. This helps maintain healthy spinal curves! In addition, use a step to alternate resting your feet – this minimizes the load on your back. Rememberyour ears should align over your shoulders, to your hips and finally your ankles.


Sleeping – Side sleeping is the healthiest neutral position for your spine. Use several pillows or a body pillow placed between your knees, chest and head to keep your neck in a neutral position. This limits twisting, turning – not to mention a kinked neck in the morning!! (Of course, you know who to call if you do wake up hurting!) 🙂


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