“Food Sensitivities & Weight Gain”.

How does a food sensitivity cause you to gain weight?

First let’s describe what a food sensitivity is. A food sensitivity is different than a food allergy.

A food allergy is a test that is looking for a an immediate reaction. When someone is allergic to shellfish, peanuts, or dairy, there is an immediate reaction that happens. That reaction can be a rash, upset stomach to more severe symptoms like swelling of lips or eyes!

A Food Sensitivity is looking for a delayed response. In other words something you eat today (dairy, gluten, corn) may not affect you for 2-3 days later! And why is this? Because of a condition called ‘Leaky Gut Syndrome’, or intestinal permeability as its called in the scientific literature.

Your ‘Gut’ or intestine has two roles, digest food and it also acts as a barrier in our first line of defense.

What is Leaky Gut Syndrome?

Imagine your gut is like a ‘Tube’ and inside that tube are tight-packed cells that prevent things from entering your blood stream that do not belong. These tight-packed cells act as a barrier, and allow only certain things to pass that the body requires. Well, a Leaky Gut is when those tight-packed cells become loose and allow other things to enter directly into our blood stream!

What are the symptoms of Leaky Gut?

Blood brain barrier breach (foggy brain), autoimmunity, nutrient deficiencies and inflammation!

Inflammation can then trigger inflammatory markers in the body to increase. One of these is Cortisol. Cortisol helps control pain & inflammation in the body, and it is also a Fat Storing Hormone. This means you can gain weight when cortisol increases!

One of the best ways to see if you have a Leaky Gut is to do a Food Sensitivity Test (not a food allergy test). Multiple food sensitivities can indicate a leaky gut.

Please watch this brief video we created for you that goes into further detail about Leaky Gut. Click here to watch. Or copy and paste this link https://youtu.be/a4x5P_oozDY

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