Fibromyalgia is NOT a disease!

One of the most “popular” diagnoses given by physicians of all specialties is Fibromyalgia. An “auto-immune disease” that requires a mix of pain medication, anti-inflammatory medication or even worse, immune suppressing medication. Isn’t a strong immune system a GOOD thing?

As I write this, I feel compelled to share my experience of being diagnosed. After being referred to a rheumatologist, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia based on “bland” blood results (his words from my medical records). Based on “bland” blood work, I was given corticosteroids and placed on Lyrica. There are two things I learned… 1) it never made me feel better and 2) it caused me to gain 50 pounds in less than six months (it took nearly two years to lose that weight). There was no change in my diet or activity level – My doctor said nothing. He eventually told me to find another care provider as “I don’t seem to be making progress with you” – I wonder why?!

If you’re a healthy person and take drugs, you get sick!” – Dr. John Bergman

The pain experienced is REAL. It is not your imagination – So, what is it? What is “fibromyalgia”?

Simply defined, it’s pain experienced in the fibers of your muscles. The CAUSE of the pain is a response to your body and your spinal health. I was told I had 18 out of 18 of painful trigger points and this was a strong indication I had fibromyalgia. These painful trigger points are CAUSED by misalignment in your spinal curves and compressed/pinched nerves. In an effort to protect the nerve, the body tightens the muscle around it. Left untreated, the muscle fibers change and become non-functional; and PAINFUL.

Fibromyalgia can be corrected! The most important step is getting your nervous system checked by a qualified chiropractor, not a neurologist. Detecting misalignment (subluxations) and correcting these to remove the pressure off the nerve, combined with functional movement exercise for strength and removing the toxins from your body and environment, you CAN find your life again… PAIN FREE!

Dr. John Bergman was Dr. Todd’s professor at Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, CA. His knowledge of how the body works is amazing!

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