Eliminate the Stress! Your Health Depends on IT!

We are headed deep into the holiday season! It’s a beautiful time of year, yet, stress is very much a part of it. When you hear the word “stress”, most people imagine work, family obligations, financial commitments… The list goes on! The fact remains that we are currently under more stress now in today’s society than our grandparents would have experienced in their entire lifetime. Why?

When it comes to your body, it perceives more stress than you realize. There are three forms of chronic stress than our body is subjected to on a routine basis.


“Chemical, Physical, and Emotional stress are the cause of virtually every chronic disease on the planet.” – Dr. John Bergman


Addressing all THREE stressors allows your body to be in a state of optimal functioning and decreased risk of chronic disease due to decreased inflammation.

A diet lacking in nutrients causes an enormous amount of chemical stress on your body. Incorporate a nutrient dense diet AND lifestyle changes to strengthen the healing potential of your immune system. Switch to organic, non-GMO foods (you haven’t already?!) and high in healthy fats (coconut oil). Avoid packaged or processed food as they are loaded with toxins which directly affect the health of your body. In addition, quality supplementation is important for improving your wellness. Ask your health care provider about the health benefits from Vitamin D3, omega 3 (fish oil), probiotics for healthy gut flora and others.

Physical stress can be anything from excessive physical activity to a sedentary lifestyle. To your body… It is STRESS! If you find yourself dealing with physical stress, starting your morning routine with a spinal warm up and 30 minutes of exercise (even if it’s a walk in the neighborhood) – MOVE!

Physical stress can also originate from poor spinal health which negatively affect the nervous system and its ability to communicate with the body. Specific, corrective chiropractic care is the best preventative health care model that specializes in the health of your spine and nervous system. With a thorough assessment and plan to correct specific problems; it’s possible reshape the normal structure of your spine to stimulate the nervous system to decrease physical stress.

Emotional stress can be from work, relationships, family, financial troubles and more. These all activate your body’s stress response and negatively affect your health. Talks given by Dr. John Bergman on Changing your Mindset have very helpful techniques to dealing with stress.

You only have one body. Respect it.

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