Detox Your Home!

Your spinal health, your body wellness – They are necessary, right??

You’re eating organic, clean food and perhaps detoxify your body with juices and nutrition kits… Why welcome toxins in your home? On your body? IN your body??

Imagine decades of these chemicals…

These are some of the most COMMON and TOXIC items in your home. Get rid of them.

Your body and your family wellness will thank you!

1) Dryer Sheets: Use wool balls instead (commonly found in stores) with a few drops of essential oils.

2) Air fresheners (VOC’s): Eliminate plug ins, synthetic candles: Use a diffuser with essential oils.

3) Laundry Detergent: Use safe alternatives.

4) Hand soap: Avoid anti-bacterial, paraben/ petroleum byproducts.

5) Aluminum foil: Use cast iron baking surfaces/ Pyrex glass.

Click BELOW for a more in-depth video on other common toxins in your home!

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