Coconut oil is GOOD for you!

Wait, there are types of saturated fat, including coconut oil, that are necessary for optimal health?  

Where Coconut Oil Has Been Used, People Thrive!!

“Asian and Polynesian people who rely on coconut and coconut oil as a part of their daily diet have the lowest heart-disease rates in the world. Some of these people get as much as 50 percent of their total daily calories as saturated fat, primarily from coconut oil. If coconut oil caused heart disease, as some people used to believe, these islanders would have all died off centuries ago.”

How Is Coconut Oil Different From Other Saturated Fats?

Your body metabolizes medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), such as coconut oil, differently from other fats (margarine, shortening, vegetable oil). Normally, fats taken into your body must be mixed with bile from your gallbladder and acted on by pancreatic enzymes. Only THEN can fats be broken down in your digestive system.

Instead, your body allows MCTs to be readily available and used for energy, NOT STORED AS FAT

Maybe it’s time to start cooking with something HEALTHIER?!

Resource: Why Coconut Oil is So Good For You. Dr. Mercola. 5 June 2017.

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