Eat like my Ancestors?!

Thousands of years ago, people primarily ate vegetables, fruit, nuts, roots and meat.

That way of eating in today’s society has been replaced with sugar, high fructose corn syrup, gluten and pasteurized milk products.

We are NOT eating the way our body was meant to eat!

By eating nutrient dense food similar to our ancestors,

Does Your Child Struggle with HEADACHES?!

Headaches occurring in children cause more than ONE MILLION annually missed school days.

Many things can trigger a headache; however, the CAUSE of the headache is often from traumatic events (car crash/whiplash) or small repetitive injuries (falling down, sibling wrestling, contact sports and poor POSTURE).

Over 70% of all headaches are from problems with the cervical (neck) spine.

How SHOULD you Stand? Sleep? Sit?

Science has proven healthy posture leads to optimal functioning of the human body.

So… How should you sit? What about standing? Does your back ache in the morning? There are  SPECIFIC positions that will help maintain your spinal health.

Sitting – Sitting is the NEW smoking. It creates more pressure on a disc than any other position &

Your feet AND back problems?

Surprised to know many back problems ultimately begin at your FEET?!


A normal foot should move in a specific way and have a nice arch. This is the primary way your body absorbs shock.


Our daily lives have created an environment where we walk in hard shoes and on hard surfaces.

Strength & Power

Many of our patients work hard to correct a variety of issues… Posture, pain and movement issues.


The issue becomes corrected – Where do our patients go from here?


One of the ways we help patients reinforce what they have learned is with strength &

What motivates YOU?!

Most people avoid doing things unless a change warrants it, that is, they are consequence motivated

Individuals often wait until something happens with their health, THEN make choices to avoid a consequence. Pain (a symptom) often motivates one to seek care.

Adjust your JAW?!

Would you be surprised to know you have MANY extremities? Not only your arms and legs but your ribs, jaw, collar bone and shoulder blade?


Why is this important?


When any extremity becomes misaligned, they become “stuck” in a fixed position. This causes the joint above it or below it to move MORE than it should to compensate for the lost mobility…  This results in inflammation and the most common complaint of PAIN!

Are Prescription Medications always NEEDED?

How EFFECTIVE are prescription medications?


What if a drug company published studies showing a positive effect? You’d look at the published medical literature and be thinking “this drug could help a lot of people!”


The key word is PUBLISHED.



Your Body NEEDS water!

Drink your WATER!!


Even more important with our increasing temperatures, drinking an adequate amount of water is VITAL for optimal body functioning.

Our body is made of 65% water – so it stands to reason it needs it to function,