Dr Todd’s Daily Drive Episode 002

Learn the truth about why the body produces cholesterol… and it’s not because it is secretly trying to kill you!


Cholesterol serves a VERY IMPORTANT ROLE…

*Linda is driving =-)


Check out youtube video (Dr. Ron Rosedale):

Mercola article:


What you MUST know about the foot!!!

Whether you are suffering from a foot problem or you just want to be well informed about how the amazing human body works, this informative video about the foot is for you!


-proper alignment of the foot
-what the foot alignment can affect
-what is an orthotic
-the differences in orthotics

EAT CHOCOLATE! Are you a Chocoholic??? It’s ok, so am I=-)

I can’t tell you how happy we were when we first found out that chocolate could actually be part of a healthy diet!!!  

Come learn about what to look for, what types of chocolate fall into this category, and HOW these health benefits will make you rethink this often avoided food.


Check out a sneak preview of what we will be doing in our clinic this Wednesday…

Welcome to our new Doctors at GSW!!!

We are excited to announce that Dr. Kurt Slonaker (licensed very shortly) and Dr. Kasey Lewis have joined our staff!  We were able to round up the majority of our staff this past friday for a photo shoot, with the exception of one of our massage therapists; Brandon Trean.

Brandon!!! We know you had to work at your other gig (Brandon also works at a hospital- very well rounded therapist for sure).