Adjust your JAW?!

Would you be surprised to know you have MANY extremities? Not only your arms and legs but your ribs, jaw, collar bone and shoulder blade?


Why is this important?


When any extremity becomes misaligned, they become “stuck” in a fixed position. This causes the joint above it or below it to move MORE than it should to compensate for the lost mobility…  This results in inflammation and the most common complaint of PAIN!


The spine is the center, mechanically, for ALL our extremities to attach to. For example, if you have shoulder pain – the problem is your spine, NOT your shoulder. If the cause is not addressed, the shoulder ultimately wears out prematurely from inflammation. 

The spine MUST be corrected FIRST before extremity problems can be addressed. SPECIFICALLY of course!

Remember, pain is the first thing to go away, and the last thing to show up.


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