Chronic Pain – Does it Ever End?!

Chronic low back pain affects millions of individuals. The causes seem endless (various injuries, falls, long history of sitting in a work environment). Sometimes, the chronic low back pain seems to have no known cause. All you know is you hurt!!

So, what can you do? Take an anti-inflammatory? Surgery? Exercise?

Good Posture = Healthy Body?!

Are you asked by family or friends, “How’s it going with that chiropractor?”. You can explain how you’re gaining strength, your posture is improving and you feel great! Yet… they look sort of lost – not really understanding the correlation between posture and health?

Why is good posture important?

Good posture helps keep bones and joints in correct alignment so our body functions the way it was MEANT to work.

Does Your Doctor Mention Spinal Health? They SHOULD!

At Gonstead Spine & Wellness, spinal health is our major focus. However, if you’re not a patient (yet!) – it’s important to understand WHY your spinal health is so important to your body wellness.

The spinal cord is protected by your spine. The spinal cord branches off, and continues to do so – controlling everything in your body (organs,

You feel FINE right? The Cost of Health Care

Health care costs in the United States continue to rise. In the current economic and political climate, one of the most important arguments to be made for any health care method is that it is cost-effective.

It’s a common thought – Why should you see a doctor, a chiropractor, etc., when “I feel fine!” OR “I’m in the best shape of my life!” is honestly how you feel.

Depression? Or Nutrient Deficient?

For millions of individuals, depression can be absolutely devastating. When considering treatment options, we’ve been taught a standard that depression, especially severe depression are managed best with anti-depressants. You’ll likely start feeling better too! Yet, after a while something doesn’t feel right. Often it is suggested you’re “on the wrong medication” or you need to add another medication to help the original medication “work better”.

Tired of pain medication?

Our nation is struggling with the consequences of overuse, over prescribed opioids for pain relief. One in four patients who use opioids for long-term, non-cancer pain struggle with addiction.

Masking pain and discomfort with medication gives the illusion that you feel “better” or your body has healed when it hasn’t.

Move Like a Baby?!

In addition to PRECISE corrective adjustments and corrective traction – The third concept that ties everything together & maintains the work you’ve put in to your body is functional movement.

Simply put, you need to move like a baby!!! Well, what does THAT mean?

Functional movement is your body moving the way it was MADE to move.